Opportunity confers responsibility - Noam Chomsky

Bloomsbury Pakistan is an outcome of a tradition, almost 15 years old, of formal and informal assembly of academia and literati from or interested in Pakistan to discuss topical issues of politics, culture and history of the country and wider region. This has resulted in a huge network, periodic advocacies and insightful analysis on a wide range of topics. Bloomsbury Pakistan provided institutional footing and framing to this ongoing work and to use the resulting social and intellectual capital to create a forceful engagement with public debates in Pakistan. The events of violent extremism and its aftermath have confirmed the need for such an engagement. Bloomsbury Pakistan has also been influencing British perspectives on Pakistan since it was founded. 


Mission of Bloomsbury Pakistan

The mission of Bloomsbury Pakistan is to generate intellectual capital to promote public debates in Pakistan, raising literacy in all sections of society. The objective is to create an organic link between production of debates in Bloomsbury’s home in London and its dissemination into the public sphere in Pakistan.

Dr. Adnan Qadir

Breaking the countercyclical pattern of local democracy in Pakistan. Read more…

Dr. Ali Usman Qasmi

Pakistan’s Ahmadi Problem: History and Politics”.  The discussion was based on his book ”The Ahmadis and the Politics of Religious Exclusion in Pakistan” published in 2014. A related paper.

Mr Arif Naveed

Making ‘Impact Factor’ Impactful: Universities, Think Tanks and Policy Research in Pakistan’.  Read more…

Haris Gazdar

Bloomsbury Pakistan had a study group with Haris Gazdar. It focused on (i) Scholarly work and political engagement and (ii) The decline of left in Pakistan. Given the engaging debate it generated, the group would like to have another session with Haris Gazdar covering these areas.

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