Book Reviews

Sharia and the State in Pakistan: Blasphemy Politics 
by Prof Farhat Haq
Routledge 2019, 192pp

Reviewed by: Dr Amber Darr, University College London
11 October 2019

Growth and Inequality in Pakistan: Agenda for Reforms
by Dr Hafiz Pasha
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung 2019, 550pp

Reviewed by: Prof Ehsan Choudhri, Carleton University
19 September 2019

New Perspectives on Pakistan’s Political Economy: State, Class and Social Change
Edited by Dr Matthew McCartney and Dr Akbar Zaidi
Cambridge University Press 2019, 275pp

Reviewed by: Prof Stephen Lyon, Aga Khan University, UK
8 August 2019

The Women’s Movement in Pakistan: Activism, Islam and Democracy
by Dr Ayesha Khan
I.B Tauris 2018, 398pp

Reviewed by: Dr Maria Rashid, PhD (SOAS London University)
23 July 2019

The Politics of Common Sense: State, Society and Culture in Pakistan
by Dr Aasim Sajjad Akhtar
Cambridge University Press 2018, 200pp

Reviewed by: Dr Nicolas Martin, Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, University of Zurich
8 March 2019

Interpretations of Jihad in South Asia: An Intellectual History
by Prof Tariq Rahman
De Gruyter 2018, 315pp

Reviewed by: Prof Francis Robinson, Royal Holloway University of London
27 February 2019

Media Imperialism in Pakistan and India 
by Dr Farooq Sulehria
Routledge 2018, 258pp

Reviewed by: Asif Akhtar, New York University
20 September 2018

Secession and Security: Explaining State Strategy against Separatists
by Dr Ahsan Butt
Cornell University Press 2017, 293pp

Reviewed by: Prof Yunas Samad, LUMS and Bradford University 
29 August 2018

AIDS in Pakistan: Bureaucracy, Public Goods and NGOs
by Dr Ayaz Qureshi
Palgrave Macmillan 2018, 232pp

Reviewed by: Dr Nichola Khan, University of Brighton
10 April 2018

Hybrid Tapestries: The Development of Pakistani Literature in English
by Muneeza Shamsie
Oxford University Press (OUP) Pakistan 2017, 676pp

Reviewed by: Prof. Cara Cilano, Michigan State University
6 December 2017

The Army and Democracy: Military Politics in Pakistan
by Dr Aqil Shah
Harvard University Press 2014, 416pp

Reviewed by: Prof. Tariq Rahman 
12 October 2017

The Pathan Unarmed: Opposition and Memory in the North West Frontier
by Dr Mukulika Banerjee
Oxford University Press 2001, 238pp

Reviewed by: Prof. Charles Lindholm, Boston University
20 January 2017

Secularising Islamists?: Jama’at-e-Islami and Jama’at-ud-Da’wa in Urban Pakistan
by Dr Humeira Iqtidar
University of Chicago Press 2011, 232pp

Reviewed by: Prof. Asad Ahmed, Harvard University


Muslim Zion: Pakistan as a Political Idea
by Dr Faisal Devji
Harvard University Press 2014, 275pp

Reviewed by: Tariq Suleman, SOAS, University of London

Articles and Reports

A New Perspective on Pakistan’s Perception in the World.
Article based on interview with Dr Farzana Shaikh,
Senior South Asia Fellow at Chatham House.

Causes of Jihadi Militancy in FATA and Swat areas of Pakistan
Pashto translation of the report
Discussion with Dr Asad Sayeed, Senior Researcher, Collective for Social Science Research.

Report on Social Change in Pakistan, discussion with Arif Hasan
Sindhi translation of the report
Mr Arif Hasan is a member Advisory Board of Bloomsbury Pakistan.